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Get in touch with photographer Roger Vikstroem if you have any inquiries about my work or wish to showcase my photography. Whether it’s for media or online purposes, I’m here to assist you. With years of experience, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with both domestic and international newspapers and news agencies.

Photographer Roger Vikstroem

Contact photographer Roger Vikstroem

Even though photographers often pursue their passion, it’s important to sustain our craft, and this requires both financial investment and a significant amount of time.

Please note that all images on this website are protected by copyright, and unauthorized use will result in charges. It’s always better to ask for permission than to risk legal consequences. For my contact information, please refer to the details provided above.

Nature, My Source of Inspiration

For me, nature transcends mere aesthetics; it’s the wellspring of my inspiration, a marvel of the tangible world. Immersing myself in nature instills a profound sense of connection to something far greater. Consequently, I relish spending time outdoors, exploring the wonders of Nordic nature.

Photography is my way of capturing moments and preserving the beauty of nature. By focusing on nature in my pictures, I strive to capture its true beauty and convey its power. I want people who see my photos to feel the same love and respect for nature that I do and be inspired to act to preserve it.

Capturing amazing pictures

Photographer Roger Vikstroem, nature photography is not just about capturing amazing pictures, but also about communicating and influencing. By sharing my photos, I hope to evoke emotions and engagement for the environment. I want people to feel a strong connection to nature and understand that it is something we all must protect and cherish.

When I photograph in nature, it’s important for me to be a careful photographer. I respect wildlife and do my best not to disturb or disrupt the natural balance. I take the time to truly experience and appreciate nature, not taking it for granted. For me, photography is a way to deepen my own connection with nature while sharing that experience with others.

Swedish nature is fantastic

Swedish nature is a fantastic treasure that must be protected and preserved for future generations. Through my photos, I hope to contribute to a greater awareness of nature’s beauty and vulnerability. By showcasing the wonders of nature, I want to inspire others to appreciate and care for our environment.

Nature in Sweden is something truly special, and I feel privileged to explore and photograph it. By focusing on nature in my photography, I can not only capture its visual beauty but also share my passion and love for it. It’s my way of celebrating nature and giving something back to the source that brings me so much joy and serenity.